Festive Ice Cubes

Howdy Everyone, Hope you’re having a great weekend! The heat index is still well above OMG here…this is what made me think of these ice cubes I photographed a couple of weeks ago.

Festive Ice Cubes

So, dear readers of Papricannelle, I owe you a confession: I’ve been calling my dear husband ‘husband’ from the beginning but we actually only officially tied the knot a couple of weeks ago. And that 15 years after our first meeting…What started out as a simple ceremony at the registry turned out to be a small wedding party. We had less than two months to organize it, no budget, no time, so we needed to be resourceful and come up with low-cost ideas. Like these ice cubes. I made them the day before and they turned out to be really pretty and decorative:

Festive Ice Cubes

Festive Ice Cubes

You can basically use whatever fruits or herbs you have on hand: redcurrants, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, pomegranate seeds, strawberry or kiwi slices, wedges of cucumber, lemon, orange, and even flower petals! Fill your ice-cube tray with filtered water and add your chosen fruit or herb. Put the tray in the freezer and it’s done in a couple of hours. Here I used raspberries, cucumbers and mint leaves:

Festive Ice Cubes

The day turned out to be amazing, we had gorgeous weather and a great garden party, our families and friends joining us for a super celebration. All we needed to do was keep cool and say ‘I DO’!!

Keep calm and say I Do
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