Grey and stormy skies covered Paris last weekend, so there was no better way to spend Valentine’s day than under the dome of the Grand Palais for the Taste of Paris 2016 festival. This was the second edition of the Taste Festival in Paris with the participation of 17 of the best Parisian chefs. Besides the pop-up restaurants with signature dishes from these big names, there were many exhibitors and artisans, there were demonstrations, cooking classes, champagne and wine bar, there was music and even dance performances. Below is a photo report to give you a taste (pun intended) of the event:

Taste of Paris 2016

Taste of Paris 2016 - Le Grand Palais

Taste of Paris 2016 - Le Grand Palais

Taste of Paris 2016

There was entertainment,


champagne and caviar,



chocolate in all shapes and forms (here the pop-up restaurant of La Scène au Prince de Galles by Stéphanie Le Quellec and in the making is her crispy ‘gavotte’ or extremely thin crêpe with grand cru chocolate from Venezuela and roasted white sesame sorbet),

Taste of Paris 2016 - La Scène au Prince de Galles

Taste of Paris 2016 - La Scène au Prince de Galles

there was Emmanuel Touboul who is head of culinary production at Té, working alongside Thierry Marx,

Taste of Paris 2016 - Emmanuel Touboul - Té Créateurs d'instants

and a selfie with Thierry Marx himself,

Taste of Paris - Thierry Marx

there was Pierre Sang,

Taste of Paris 2016 - Pierre Sang

and his excellent dessert of grand cru Valrhona chocolate with praliné and hazelnut,

Taste of Paris - Pierre Sang - Chocolat grand cru Valrhona, praliné, noisette

there was foie gras with smoked eel from Thierry Marx and a puff brioche with candied fruit from Guy Savoy,

and finally some goodies that I bought home from the show.

Taste of Paris 2016

Are you hungry yet?

Taste of Paris 2016

Tulipe double

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